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Chef Daniel Young began his lustrous career at the young age of 15 in Michigan, working in his Dad's Fish house. After four decades of an extensive culinary apprenticeship studying Escoffier Cuisine, Chef D (as he is passionately known) would become the first African American to become Certified Executive Chef in 1992.


Plus, he would be the youngest senior member inductee into The Orange County Empire Chefs Association in Southern California. His career would expand to all four corners of the United States, landing Chef D in Colorado.


But Chef D was far from being finished; he would become renowned for his work with some of the world's top athletes, covering the NBA, NFL, and MLB, and expanding his culinary services by working with notable CEOs and entertainers.


Most notable, Chef D would be shortlisted to become the Executive Chef for the White House, to showcase his talents for the first African American President; Chef D would not be awarded the position but shared in the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama. 


Cooking for his selected guest at the new African Art museum at the Smithsonian In Washington DC, When asked about his approach to food, and his love for cooking, his priceless reply, "Most Chefs cook to live, I live to cook"

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